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Interested in Teaching?

If you have questions about teaching or want to learn more about what's involved in working with us, we recommend that you read through the Stick Shift Instructor Basics, FAQ, Quiz. We wrote this based on all of the questions and concerns that we've received from about 3000 applicant instructors since we started in 2018. Of course, if you have additional questions or concerns, we're happy to talk 1 on 1 with you. 

New Instructor Sign Up Paperwork

If you're in the process of signing up to be an instructor for the first time, use the following link. Otherwise, if you're already an instructor and need to update your paperwork, use the links further down this page. For New Instructor Sign Up Paperwork, click here. 


To sign all of the onboarding documents, click here. 

Change / Update W9

To fill out a new W9, click here. 

For those with a registered business who use an EIN for taxes, click the following link. NOTE: Most people do NOT use this option. If you don't have an EIN or don't know what it is, please do NOT use this form. For an EIN W9: click here. 

Driving Record (MVR) Check

To complete a driving record check, also knowns as an MVR, click here.

Change / Update Direct Deposit

NOTE: If this is your first time doing direct deposit, you'll need to submit the W-9 as well due to direct deposit regulations.  Click here.

As an instructor on this platform, you can teach however you want. While we recommend following this curriculum, it is not required. That said, the curriculum we've come up with is designed to be very gradual, which helps the customer to relax and also helps protect your clutch. Click here to open the Stick Shift Curriculum.

Level 3 FAQs

Instructors sometimes have questions and concerns about Level 3 lessons, so we wrote up an FAQ and answer doc.

Click here to open the Level 3 FAQ doc.

Order Confirmation Speed Report FAQs

We've compiled some questions from the order confirmation speed report and came up with answers. If you have more questions about the report, feel free to send us a message.

Click here to open the Order Confirmation FAQs.

Facebook Group for Instructors

Want to talk with other instructors or ask a question? Head over to our Facebook group and chat it up! Note that it's a private group, so you'll need to request access. Click here to visit the Facebook Group.

Change your Schedule of Availability

Visit our how-to guide for changing the hours when you're available, resetting your password and blocking off time for a specific day. Click here to view the Acuity Calendar Guide page.

Car Inspection

To access the car inspection forms or do an online car inspection, click here. 

Teaching Locations

To get guidance and help with finding a suitable teaching location near to you as well as to submit your default teaching location information, click here. 

Required Instructor Paperwork

To see a list of the required instructor paperwork with samples of valid forms, click here.

New Instructor Onboarding & FAQs

If you're a new instructor and need a refresher on the onboarding info, click here.

Contact Instructor Support

For help with your lessons and customers (rescheduling, canceling, etc...), please text us at 617-514-0445

For all other matters, please email us at

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