Instructor Availability

Change the days and hours when you're usually available


**We recommend doing this on a computer or tablet and not on a mobile device.**

Lost? Need Help?

Email us at and we can book a call to help troubleshoot with you

To get your log-in credentials

Check the onboarding email you have received, if you do not have it, please reach out to us by emailing

Required for All Instructors

Customers will not be able to book time with you until you do the following 3 steps

Step 1) Log In

Use the credentials we sent you and then visit this URL:

Step 2) Set up your Regular, Weekly Availability

Make sure you set your consistent availability and not just for specific dates.

Here's the link for your guide:

Step 3) Confirm Calendar Set-Up

Send us an email letting us know you've set up your calendar. Once you do this, we can start sending customers to you.

Send your email to ​

Optional But Strongly Recommended

Set scheduling limits 

How much advance notice you need, limit number of lessons per day, etc... 

The default is to require customers to book at least 48 hours in advance, but you may want to change this.

Sync your SSDA calendar with your Google, iCal, or other calendars

Automatically block time off on your SSDA calendar if you schedule something on another calendar

Note this can be a little tricky.

Download the Acuity App

This makes it much easier for you to manage your calendar and bookings

If Needed

To Block off Time for an extended period (i.e. a vacation)

Visit this page:

To Reset your Password

Visit this page:

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