Vehicle Inspection Forms


You can select one of the two options below for the Car Inspection. Either the online inspection or the in-person mechanic inspection is sufficient. The online inspection is great if you don’t want to drive to a mechanic, but please note that you’ll need to use a smartphone to do the inspection. The mechanic inspection is better if you don’t have a smartphone.

We recommend reviewing the forms and inspecting your car on your own so that you can be sure your car will pass the inspection. If you find any areas where the car will not pass inspection, you can make the necessary repairs. Once you're confident the car will pass inspection, you can then do the inspection.

Once you've completed the inspection, please send the forms back to


Going to Your Mechanic

  • If you decide to take your car to a mechanic for the inspection, we recommend calling the mechanic ahead of time and explain to them that you need your car inspected in a manner similar to what they'd do for a used car pre-purchase inspection.
  • Make sure to tell them that you need them to fill out one of our two forms and that you cannot take back any other form.
  • When you call the mechanic, ask your mechanic if they do Uber / Lyft inspections.
  • If they do Uber and Lyft inspections, download the RAISER form.
  • ​If they don't do Uber and Lyft inspections, download the Standard Inspection Forms.

Standard Inspection Forms

For mechanics who DO NOT do Uber / Lyft inspections.

Click to Download Standard Inspection Form

RAISER Inspection Form (Uber / Lyft)

For mechanics who DO Uber or Lyft inspections

Download here


Online Car Inspection

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