What to Do if You Can't Teach a Lesson


Sometimes you won't be able to teach a lesson at the originally scheduled time, and that's ok. If you need to reschedule a lesson, the best first step is to call and text the customer directly to see if you two can find a new time and date for the lesson. If you and the customer have agreed on a new time and date, just update the appointment in Acuity and/or text us with the new date and time of the lesson.

If you can’t take the lesson, it’s best to call and text the customer first to discuss two items. (1) let them know that you can’t teach the lesson and let them know that (2) you’ll contact us to help get them rescheduled. They'll appreciate knowing that you're helping them to get rescheduled. Once you do that, text us to let us know you’ve talked with the customer and that you can’t take the lesson. Once we get that information, we’ll get them rescheduled with a different instructor. Whether you need to reschedule or cancel, contacting the customer first and us second will help to smooth things out for everyone involved.

Note that if you cancel or reschedule a lesson without first talking with the customer, we'll pause your calendar and prevent future bookings until we review these standards with you.

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