What to Do When An Order is Placed


Customers want to hear from you ASAP after placing an order. The longer you wait to contact them, the more likely they are to request a different instructor or a refund. So, quick order confirmation directly with the customer is key. Likewise, we want to know that you and your customer have spoken with each other soon after the order was placed. We expect that you will contact both your customer and us within 24 hours of the order being placed.

When the order comes in, you’ll get a text message and an email from Acuity, our scheduling system, letting you know about the order and giving you the customer’s contact information. We recommend you call, text, and email the customer as soon as you get that email to coordinate where you want them to meet you for the lesson. Beyond helping yourself to get a good rating, you’ll also be helping yourself to get more customers. Instructors who contact the customer quickly rank higher in the search results than instructors who confirm orders slowly. Once you've talked with the customer, please either reply all to the order email from Acuity or text us letting us know that you and the customer have spoken. 

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