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As the home of the Indy 500, it should come as no surprise that Indianapolis is home to quite a few car enthusiasts groups. From those dedicated to certain makes of cars to those who are wholly committed to specific car styles, there is sure to be a car group in the Circle City that is tailor-made for you. This list offers a rundown of some of the car groups where you might find a home in Indy.

Silo Auto Club and Conservancy

644 E Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN


More than a social club for car enthusiasts, Silo offers upscale car storage for high-end sports cars, classic cars, motorcycles, and more. The organization provides secure vehicle storage, gathering space, workspace, and event space for car enthusiasts of all kinds.


Indy Hi-Winders Car Club



The group has been meeting since 1962, serving the hot rod community throughout Indianapolis and Danville, Indiana. Throughout the year they sponsor many events, cruise-ins, open houses, and fundraisers. They even offer a swap meet on their website where members can barter or list items for sale free of charge. Non-members may do so for a fee.


Mustang Club of Indianapolis

Meetings held at Camp Belzer Boy Scout Camp

6102 Boy Scout Road

Indianapolis, IN


Founded in 1978 the Mustang Club of Indianapolis has been dedicated to encouraging the community to preserve and enjoy the iconic Ford Mustang. The original club celebrated models built between 1964 and 1973. It was reorganized in 1981 to include all Mustangs, including current Mustang models. The club is continuously growing, offering a greater variety and diversity of activities, and providing new ways to celebrate their collective passions for the Mustang brand.


Indy Road Rockets



A host of Motorama 1962, Indy Road Rockets also features several car shows and club rides throughout the year. Not only is this a great club for hot rod enthusiasts but also a celebration of all things “rockabilly.” It’s a culture that celebrates a different time, place, and world in living color.


Indy Sports Car Club of America



Established in 1946, the Indy SCAA celebrates all things “sports car” in the Hoosier state. Fortunately, there’s a lot to celebrate in Indianapolis and surrounding communities that have a long history of appreciation for racing, hot rodding, and sports cars in general. This organization not only celebrates these beautiful vehicles but also features races and other events to test their mettle.

As you can see, Indianapolis offers plenty of opportunities for car enthusiasts to celebrate their love of vehicles of all kinds. These car groups are a few prime examples within the Circle Cities. Shift your circle wider and you will find even more auto organizations to join.

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