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A beautiful stick shift car should spend more time rocking the asphalt than on Instagram. The old stereotype that those who buy fast cars, don’t drive fast cars, is just that, a stereotype. Instead, most car enthusiasts love to drive their ride and tear up the road. If you are a stick shift enthusiast, keep reading to learn more about these NYC-based groups who praise the manual ride!

American Muscle Car Club

As a group of men and women who share a passion for the American Muscle Car, this club attends local car shows for competing and mingling with other similar hobbyists. Local charity events include the Ronald McDonald House, Toys 4 Tots, the American Cancer Society, and more.

Email address:

Classic Car Club Manhattan

The Classic Car Club of Manhattan opens its doors to the public to share a fleet of amazing local and international automobiles from visitors around the world. There are three types of memberships to this exclusive club with different costs and benefits. The Clubhouse Membership offers full access to all Pier 76 facilities and the local and international calendar of events. This level allows you to race, rally, and entertain at the club’s restaurant. The Driving Membership includes all Clubhouse amenities with the addition of being able to drive the fleet. The Corporate Membership features all amenities plus the ability to customize the membership to allow multiple members under a single account.


1 Pier 76, 408 12th Avenue

New York, NY 10018



Public Viewing Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 9 AM – 1 PM

Sunday: 10 AM – 1 PM

Monticello Motor Club

​The Monticello Club gives you access to its 4.1-mile, challenging track with a boatload of support. Private instructors help improve your reflexes and members-only races of a variety of stick-shift formats and makes, allowing you to hone your driving skills to compete with others.


67 Cantrell Road

Monticello, NY 12701




Call to schedule a time.


The NYConn group is a local chapter of the New England MG T Register which is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the T-Series and Vintage MG’s.

Phone Number:


While the newer car models are beautiful and have all the bells and whistles you could ask for, there's nothing like barreling down the highway or an old country road with a stick-shift hot rod, feeling every gear shift! These NYC-area car groups know that exact feeling, which is why they have organized with other like-minded enthusiasts! Are you interested in joining them?

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