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Ford car clubs celebrate a pretty broad range of different models and designs to create a unique level of connection between owners. The following five Ford car clubs have unique specializations that make them enjoyable for just about any Ford fan to join. Take a look at which of these clubs meets your needs and join one or more to stay connected with Ford lovers like yourself.

The '54 Ford Club of America

Ford owners who want a club with some history and respect may enjoy this group. Started in 1986, this group honors all 1954 Ford cars, trucks, and tractors, including a handful of customized vehicles, restored modifications, factory restorations, or even non-upgraded vehicles. Over the years, this group has expanded to include over 500 members, who pay $25 dues every year. Operating out of Conroe, Texas, it was started by Tom Hoskins, a Ford enthusiast who ran the group consistently until his untimely passing in 2016.

However, current president Don Allen took over the group and helped keep it active even after Hoskins' passing. They publish a quarterly newsletter that discusses their gatherings, showcases members and their vehicles, and a forum where members interact, share pictures, talk about their favorite 1954 Fords, and much more. They also offer a vendors option that allows owners to sell and buy parts to upgrade their 1954 Fords. As one of the most active Ford clubs globally, this specialized group remains an excellent option for Ford lovers everywhere.

Contact Info:

Address: 12471 E. Summerlin, Conroe, TX 77302



Telephone: (281) 787-8418

Ford Mercury Club

Operating primarily in Westerville, Ohio, this club focuses on Shoe Box Fords and Bath Tub Mercury's. They have dues of $25 per year, allowing easy access to message boards online, various annual conventions, and much more. The club focuses specifically on 1949-1951 Ford Mercury's, a unique production period that saw significant changes to these cars. Over the years, Mercury models produced during this period have become collector's items. This club operates to showcase them and connect owners and buyers in a mutually beneficial way.

Those who pay their dues get easy access to vendor spaces at each national convention, opening the way for straightforward dealing. Vendors often focus heavily on parts and accessories for these Mercury vehicles, trying to use only the most historically accurate options available. In this way, owners and collectors can upgrade their Mercury without using parts that decrease their value. Even better, this club provides streamlined membership that allows for easy updates, simple payment options, a variety of other benefits that make them worth consideration by serious Mercury owners.

Contact Info: 

Address: 5761, Chandler Court, Westerville, Ohio

Phone: (614) 898-5997

Fax: (614) 898-6080


2003-2004 Mach1 Registry

Much like the earlier Mach1 registry, this club focuses on a particular era of production. And like that group, this team has been around for a very long time. Currently, it has over 12,000 members spread around the world and has a 20-year history connecting fans of this club. Their very active message forum has over one million messages and nearly 8,000 unique Mach1 images. For fans of this production year of the Ford Mach1, this group is undoubtedly the largest and most helpful resource around.

The site also includes regularly updated news, help with modifying the Mach1, frequently asked questions and answers, technical specifications for the 2003-2004 Mach1, an active online chat section, a detailed history of this car, various products and accessories, and a registry where owners can register their vehicle, share information about it, and connect with other users. And since this group is free to join, there's little reason why this model's owners cannot jump on and have some fun with it.

Contact Info:

Address: 17 Orchard Street, Cuba, NY 14727


Website: Here


Finding a Group You Enjoy

If you love Fords and want to find a group that meets your needs, these are just a few of the best examples. Researching the different clubs around the world will make it easier for you to find that which suits your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us, as well, if you are interested in learning more.

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