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You will fail the application process if you don't read the entire job description.




We’re looking for a full-time salesperson to sell lessons and signups. You’ll be the front line to make sales over the phone to customers, all of whom are inbound warm leads (no cold calling). This is an entry-level position that is eligible for promotion after 12 months of tenure.

About Us

Started in 2017 and we're growing like crazy.

Growing FAST - We sold 2663 lessons in 2023 and we're on pace to sell 3328 lessons in 2024.

We sell manual transmission driving lessons in the United States. Yes, really.

100% inbound leads from Organic Search (SEO). We don’t do cold calling.

No competition - in 90% of the markets we serve, we have no competitors. Because of this, our sale is pretty easy to make.

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive compensation package - $7 per hour

Paid 5 Sick Days - Effective on day 1

Paid 10 days vacation - Prorated

Paid Birthday Off - you pick a day off

Paid 14 Bank holidays - (Legal and religious Holidays are country-specific)

Business Continuity Plan - In cases of calamity $40 hotel accommodations are permitted to ensure work will continue

Type of Employment

Full Time

40 hours per week

Schedule - 9 AM to 5 PM EST

Benefits to be provided after completion of 3 months:

Health Insurance

Office equipment, home office furniture, and anything else you need for work

Learning books, courses, training, or coaching that you want

Benefits to be provided after completion of one year:

Paid Two weeks off for Christmas Season

Entry Level Details

Note that this is an entry-level job. 

We do NOT expect you to have any prior sales experience. 

If you’re looking to switch careers and get your foot in the door, this could be great for you. 

We will train you on how to take customers through the sales process. 

This is a great opportunity for anyone with a background in any of the following areas: Customer Service, Nursing, Nurse Practitioners, Hotel and Hospitality, Front Desk, Secretary, Retail, Receptionist, Recruiting, Teachers and anyone with teaching experience, Tutoring, Inbound Representative, Inbound Sales, Outbound Caller, Appointment Setting, Cold and warm calling, Lead qualification,  

Duties and Responsibilities

Sell Stick Shift Driving Lessons

Schedule: 9 AM to 5 PM EST

Inbound Call Handling - Answer phones and talk to prospects through the sale or sign up

Outbound Follow Up - Call, text, and email to get the prospect to the finish line

Qualify Prospects - Make sure their needs fit our model

Secret Message: When you apply, under the section that says "Is there anything else you'd like to write or include?", write the word PINK ELEPHANT. This will show us that you read the entire job description.

Outbound Dialing - Dialing prospective customers and leaving voicemails.

Text Message and Email Handling - Quickly handle inbound text messages and emails that are sent to the salesperson.

Paperwork Follow Up - Follow up with prospective customers who have not yet signed up to make sure they got the paperwork. Handle any issues they had with doing the paperwork.

Review Solicitation - Follow up with customers after the lesson to request a review on Google and Yelp

Edit customer records in our CRM (Hubspot)


At least three years of work experience, preferably interacting with people. 

Must have your own computer, reliable high-speed internet, and good quality headset and microphone.

English Grammar and Language: You must be fluent in English

Strong Problem-Solving skills

Customer Service Oriented and ability to adapt/respond properly to different types of scenarios

Ability to Multitask, prioritize and manage time effectively

What's Hard About This Job

Working Remotely - We're a remote-first company, and we never want to have an office. This is great if you like working by yourself in the quiet, but it can be terribly painful if you need the energy of coworkers nearby.

Our Cultural Values - We're an American company with an incredibly unusual culture. Even by American standards, our 7 cultural values are highly unusual. Our culture is challenging for people accustomed to corporate culture and especially difficult for people who grew up in Confucian cultures. It's a great culture for people who speak directly and have a great deal of self-confidence and ownership. If you identify as a misfit, you'll do well.

Multiple Software Systems - You're going to need to learn how to use 12 different software systems. This is great if you want to get exposed to and experienced with lots of technology, but it can be tough if you have a hard time learning technology. Secret Message - When you apply, you'll see a box that asks if you want to add anything else. Type in PINK ELEPHANT in all capital letters exactly as we've shown it here. 

Leadership Expectations - Other than the company founder (who doesn't have a tech background), you will be our first technology specialist. The combination of being solely responsible for all aspects of the technology and our lack of technical prowess could be overwhelming to someone who wants to be told what to do and how to do it. You need to have a leadership mindset, or this won't work.

Cheat Code for getting a job with us:

1) Our application comprises the majority of our recruiting process. Because of that, we suggest that you give us thoughtful responses and rich stories. We typically only interview applicants who give rich and detailed answers to our questions. If you write short responses so that you can hurry up and finish the application, you will not get interviewed. 

2) Tell us stories about how your actions match your beliefs and values. For example, if I say I value health and fitness, you don't know if I'm telling you the truth or if I'm just telling you what sounds good. But, if I tell you things I've done, I can illustrate my values of health and fitness with proof. For example, I go to the gym 4 days per week, I've done 6 triathlons, including an Ironman, and I can swim 3000 meters in one hour. My examples of things I've done prove that my actions match my values system. 

3) Be vulnerable and honest. We take very detailed notes during the interview process, and we conduct extensive background checks. If the stories you tell about yourself don't match what your references say, we will not hire you. We'd rather hire a C student who is honest about being a C student than someone who is a C student but tries to pass themselves off as an A student. Remember, this is an entry-level job. We're not looking for perfect. We're looking for an excellent cultural fit.


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