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When you want to learn how to drive a manual transmission car in your local neighborhood, you're going to need a wide, open place to master the art of driving manual cars. Parking lots are best for manual transmission lessons. One, they're made of paved concrete, so you don't have to stress about your car's wheels or engine. Two, they give you a secure and discreet place to practice manual transmission driving. When you're looking for areas to have your manual car driving lesson, be sure to explore the lots in this list of local parking lots in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.


Where Can I Learn To Drive StickNear Me

Providence Marketplace, 401 S Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122


Providence Marketplace is located 0.2 mi from Regal Providence via public roads.

How To Learn To Drive Manual Car at Providence Marketplace

Now that you have already oriented yourself with the pedals, standard transmission, steering wheel, as well as every little thing that distinguishes a manual transmission automobile from an automatic automobile - it is time to practice how to get the engine into first gear. Like several new car drivers of stick shift automotives, this may be extremely challenging at first. Actually, your car will very likely stall and sputter the first handful of times you attempt and get it into 1st gear. And that's fine. It will possibly obtain a little jerky, but do not worry about it. Manual transmission vehicles are designed to take some stress. They're likewise way more long lasting than you probably think. In your typical manual transmission driving lessons, this is commonly how you'll be trained to get the auto into first gear. First, shift the driving stick in neutral, and also ensure your feet remain in place - right foot on the brake pedal, and left foot on the floor. After that, as soon as you start up the engine, press down on the clutch with your left foot all the way to the flooring. If it's still engaged, get your hand on the hand brake as well as disengage it. Currently, place your right foot on the gas and gradually press down until you strike 1500 RPMs. When you reach it, keep your foot constant on the pedal. After that, counting down a 7-second period, gradually bring up your left foot from the clutch pedal. Take care to do this as slow and as consistent as you can. If done correctly, the clutch will engage and your manual automobile will start to increase. After your left foot is completely off of the clutch pedal, you can begin stepping on the gas pedal extra. Then, when you see the tachometer reach 2500-3000 RPMs, you can start reducing the car. Decelerating starts with pushing your left foot on the clutch, again up until it gets to the flooring. Then, slowly launch the gas pedal as well as begin pressing the brake with your ideal foot. Remember that the clutch ALWAYS comes first before the brake. Now, when the brake pedal has been pushed completely down to the flooring, the hands-on auto needs to pertain to a full stop. Then, shift the gear stick into neutral and bring up the parking brake. Currently safely parked, you can take your feet off of the clutch and the brake pedals.

Argosy University, Nashville, 100 Centerview Dr #225, Nashville, TN 37214


Argosy University, Nashville is located 2.1 mi from Stones River Dog Park via Stewarts Ferry Pike.

Learning Upshifting at Argosy University, Nashville

Since you've finished practicing how to get the car into 1st gear, we're gonna teach you about upshifting and downshifting. Since you already know how to shift up into 1st gear, upshifting would be simpler to learn as you only need to add some motions with your hands on the gear shift. Your feet are already familiar with the gas, brake, and clutch pedals. You'll just have to get the hang of upshifting and downshifting between higher and lower gears. Now, for the best learning experience, you will need to have a long stretch of pavement to learn in. Bare minimum would be 500-1000 feet, if not more. When you get the car in first gear and start driving, you'll see your tachometer at about 2500 RPMs more or less. At this point, take your left foot and press down on the clutch while slowly releasing the gas pedal until you get to 1500 RPMs. You can even drive around for a few minutes as you move through these new motions. Then, when you're at a steady 1500 RPMs, use your right hand to move the gear shifter from first gear to second gear. After that, get your left foot from the clutch. Once you release the clutch, take your right foot and push down on the accelerator pedal until you go back up to a good 2500 RPMs. You should keep in mind that for the first few times doing this, you'll probably hear some strange sounds from the engine. They may even get louder, but those are all normal, so no need to panic.

Nissan Stadium, 1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213


Nissan Stadium is located 0.2 mi from Cumberland Park via public roads

Learning Downshifting at Nissan Stadium

Now that you've learned changing gears from first gear to a higher gear, we're gonna reverse all of that in learning how to downshift to a lower gear. Like upshifting, you'll need to find a nice stretch of paved road to practice downshifting so you can ease yourself into the steps you need to do. Suppose that you're driving in second gear and you want to shift down until your car comes to a full stop. There are two ways to perform this: you can either shift gears one by one from second to 1st to a total stop, or you can just gradually come to a stop while having the engine in neutral. In the interest of learning how to drive manual vehicles, we will walk you through how to shift down from 2nd gear to a total stop, since you're more likely to shift down just one or two gears. While you have the automobile in second gear, press down on the clutch pedal with your left foot and carefully draw back your right foot from the accelerator pedal until you reach 1500 RPMs. When you arrive there, move the shift lever to 1st gear. Then, get your foot off of the clutch and use your right foot to press down on the brake pedal. You may notice the engine revving a little bit above 1500 RPMs while you are downshifting, but that's just because the drivetrain and engine aren't in sync. Don't worry; that's completely normal. When you've pressed down on the brake and you're back to a consistent 1500 RPMs, you can now repeat the steps - push the clutch pedal to release the clutch, then pressing the brake pedal until you come to a full stop. Lastly, move the shifter into N and pull up your hand brake.

Calvary Cemetery, 1001 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37210


Calvary Cemetery is located 1.9 mi from Trevecca Nazarene University via Fesslers Ln .

Learning Reversing at Calvary Cemetery

You've now figured out how to start your manual transmission automobile and how to combine your hands and feet with the pedals and shifter - but that's just the starting point of your manual driving lessons. Now that you're getting the hang of shifting up and down higher and lower gears and driving at varying speeds, we're gonna learn reversing. Turn on the engine, then drive the manual transmission car to the lengthiest paved area in the parking lot, and stop there. Once you're in position, move the gear lever from 1st gear to "R" and begin slowly reverse driving your automobile to your starting point. Typically, you do this by shifting gears into the "N" position, and putting your feet in their places - right foot pushing on the brake pedal, left foot pushing down on the clutch pedal. After you move the gear stick into R, take your right foot off of the brake pedal and start pressing down on the gas. While doing that, carefully release the clutch pedal, counting back from 7 seconds. Next, you can start picking up more speed by pushing down on the accelerator. It might be a little bit of a friction point for you, but don't worry if it's taking a bit more time than you thought - it's better to go slowly until you get used to reversing and pressing down on the throttle more and more as you feel more confident.

Regal Providence, 401 S Mt Juliet Rd Suite 490, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122


Regal Providence is located 0.2 mi from Providence Marketplace via nearby roads.

Learning Parking at Regal Providence

It will likely be a tough feat for you, but there's no way around learning to park your manual automobile, either by parallel parking or driving back into a parking area. Back-in parking, or backing up into a parking space, is what you call the latter. Start this process by driving the stick shift car until you're around a car's length in front of the parking area, then turn on your blinker and be sure there aren't any cars or pedestrians behind you. Now, push down on the clutch with your left foot and slide the manual gearbox into "R" gear. Take care to push the clutch all the way to the floor until you start backing into the parking space. While still pressing the clutch pedal, put your right foot on the brake and start pushing down. Then, carefully release the clutch until you hear the engine's sound changes and the vehicle rear lifts up. Gradually bring your right foot from the brake pedal then carefully alternate between the clutch and brake pedal to back the stick shift vehicle to the parking space. Your speed should never be more than a few MPH. If you aren't satisfied with how the stick shift vehicle is positioned, continue to move back and forth with the maneuvers we talked about. Next, we move on to learning how to do parallel parking in a manual vehicle. First off, switch on your turn signal so people know you're about to go to the right. Then drive up until you're 2-3 feet ahead of the parking space, side by side with the car in front of it. Keep a vigilant eye on your side and rearview mirrors, backup camera (if you have one) and turning around to ensure your surroundings are clear. Next, start the process by pressing down on the brake and clutch pedals, pressing them all the way to the floor. Make sure your steering wheel is straight. Next, carefully raise your left foot from the clutch up to the bite point. You'll know you've hit the bite point when the engine sound changes and the back of your vehicle raises up a bit. After, ease up on the brake to get the car rolling. Keeping your feet close to the pedals, use the clutch and brake pedals to slowly back into the parking space. Once your back bumper is a couple feet away from the back bumper of the car beside you, steer your wheels all the way to the left. Keep going, carefully watching your rear and side mirrors, until your rear bumper is 2-3ft from the curb, then get your steering wheel on the right now. Control the clutch and brake so you can slowly back up into the space and arrive at a total stop.

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If you're taking classes on how to learn to drive manual transmission, it's best to have them in secure, flat areas like parking lots. The secure space and paved roads will help you get the hang of manual car driving faster, and avoid any disturbances, or worse, crashes. You also get a driving instructor from Stick Shift Driving Academy assigned to you. With someone who can guide you on manual transmission driving, you'll learn how to drive a manual car in no time at all. When you plan to master driving manual transmission cars, contact our team and schedule your first driving session with us in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

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