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If you're asking yourself where you must conduct your manual driving lessons, you should really make use of parking lots to learn how to drive a stick shift vehicle. Parking lots always have paved, smooth roads for you to get accustomed to the manual gear shift, parking brake, and clutch pedal. And also, you can take your stick shift driving lessons in complete privacy, staying clear of distractions or accidents. For your next driving lesson, maximize time with your driving instructor and get the knack of the basics of manual car driving in these local parking lots in Gladstone, Missouri.


Where Can I Learn To Drive Stick Shift Near Me

Happy Rock Park, 7600 NE Antioch Rd, Kansas City, MO 64119


Happy Rock Park is located 2 mi from Maple Woods Natural Area via N Agnes Ave.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Stick at Happy Rock Park

After becoming a lot more familiar with the controls of a manual transmission car, the next step is knowing how to shift to and drive in first gear. This is commonly the most tricky aspect of manual driving lessons, even more so for new drivers of manual cars (even more so for individuals who have only driven automatic transmission cars). You're very likely even going to experience stalling the car given that you're just figuring out how to get the vehicle into 1st gear. If that does happen, don't panic. It may get a tad jerky, but that's okay because stick shift vehicles are able to endure a number of false starts and sudden stops. Even though you may not presume so, manual vehicles are far more robust and durable than you think. Now, commonly, when you're taking stick shift driving lessons, this is how a driving instructor or facilitator at a driving school will teach you to get the vehicle into first gear. Before turning the car on, ensure you have the manual shift in the neutral position and your feet in the right position - left foot flat on the floor, and right foot stepping on the brakes. Switch on the ignition, then press your left foot on the clutch up until it is all the way to the floor. Make sure to disengage the emergency brake if you haven't already pulled it up. Then, take your right foot from the brake and slowly step down on the gas until you reach an RPM of 1500. Hold your foot steady on the accelerator once you get there. Over a span of 7 seconds, slowly but surely release the clutch pedal. Make sure to elevate your foot from the clutch as steadily and as gently as possible. When you feel the bite point on the clutch and get the wheels rolling on your manual transmission car, you'll know you've executed it perfectly. Then, after you've completely taken your foot off of the clutch, begin picking up speed by pressing down on the accelerator pedal. Keep accelerating until you arrive at 2500-3000 RPMs, then you can begin slowing the vehicle down. You decelerate by, first, pressing down the clutch until it hits the floor. Release your foot off of the gas and on the brake pedal. Always remember: you must ALWAYS press on the clutch before the brakes. When the brake pedal is pushed all the way to the floor, you should have the manual vehicle at a complete stop. When you get there, put the gear shifter to neutral and crank up the emergency brake. Afterwards, you can then take your feet off of the clutch pedal and brake.

Metropolitan Community College - Maple Woods, 2601 NE Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO 64156


Metropolitan Community College - Maple Woods is located 1.6 mi from Maple Woods Natural Area via N Agnes Ave.

Learning Upshifting at Metropolitan Community College - Maple Woods

The next level in your driving lessons after finding out how to get the car into first gear is getting the hang of upshifting then downshifting. Now, don't stress; this will be way simpler than mastering how to shift into 1st gear since you're only adding in a couple more steps with your hands and the manual gearbox. You now know how to work the pedals with your feet. Now you simply have to get the hang of how you will upshift and downshift to higher and lower gears. Like with any new component of manual driving, you have to seek out the lengthiest stretch of paved area you can locate in the parking lot to practice in. At the minimum, you have to have 500-1000 feet of pavement, or even more than that. Once you get the wheels of your stick shift vehicle rolling in 1st gear, you will probably have the engine revving at 2500 RPMs, or maybe as much as 3000. When you're at that speed, press down on the clutch pedal and, together, ease off of the gas pedal until you slow down to an even 1500 RPMs. You might even like to coast with the vehicle in neutral so you can get your head around these movements at your own pace. Then, when youget to a nice and steady RPM of 1500, lay your right hand on the gear lever and upshift from first to second gear. Once you're in the higher gear, mindfully raise your left foot off from the clutch. The instant you have totally taken your foot off of the clutch pedal, start picking up speed with your right foot on the accelerator pedal until you reach 2500 RPMs or so. You should also keep in mind that considering this is your first time doing upshifting, you will probably hear some weird noises from the engine. It's most probably going to get louder too, but that's normal and completely ok.

TWA Museum, 10 Richards Rd #110, Kansas City, MO 64116


TWA Museum is located 0.5 mi from Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport via Richards Rd

Learning Downshifting at TWA Museum

For this phase of your manual driving lessons, we're going to take everything we found out in upshifting and utilize those steps in reverse to know how to downshift in a manual transmission vehicle. You will also need to find the most spacious span of pavement provided in the lot so you can undergo the technique of downshifting gradually and surely. There are plenty of times you will have to shift down from second gear to a complete stop. You might do this in either one of two approaches: you could downshift from second gear to 1st, then first gear to a complete stop; or, you may simply coast with the engine in neutral till you come to a stop. For the sake of your stick shift lessons and real-life application of manual transmission driving, we'll walk you through downshifting one gear at a time. Here's how you do this - when you have the manual vehicle moving in the second gear, press down on the clutch with your left foot and slowly take your foot off of the gas until you slow down to 1500 RPMs. When youget to a nice and steady 1500 RPMs, you now use your right hand to slide the gear shifter to first gear. Afterwards, bring up your left foot from the clutch and begin pressing down on the brakes. You might notice that the engine is going above 1500 RPMs, and it might even follow some strange noises. Don't fret about it - that's just the drivetrain and engine being out of sync, and it's completely normal. Now, with the right foot stepping down on the brake pedal and you have the car moving in 1500 RPMs, you can restart the sequence of steps. Push down on the clutch pedal to disengage the clutch, then push down on the brake pedal with your right foot totally until you bring the car to a complete stop. Shift the shift stick to neutral and crank up the parking brake when you're stopped.

Winnetonka High School, 5815 NE 48th St, Kansas City, MO 64119


Winnetonka High School is located 1.5 mi from Hidden Valley Park via N Bennington Ave.

Learning Reversing at Winnetonka High School

Now we've gone through the fundamentals of your manual driving lessons, including turning on the ignition and finding out how to utilize the gas, brake, and clutch pedals in your stick shift vehicle. And considering that you're now acquainted with the manual shift and driving a manual car at various speeds, both high and low, we proceed to reversing. After you've switched on the engine in the vehicle, identify the most extensive paved area you have in the lot and take your car to a full stop at one end of that strip. When you arrive, get the gear shifter from 1st gear to reverse gear, then cautiously drive the manual vehicle backward to your original position. You can do this by first getting the gear lever in neutral, then having your right foot pushing down on the brake, and your left stepping on the clutch pedal. Then, take your right hand and shift gears from neutral to "R", and position your right foot to the gas pedal. While you're doing that, lift your foot off of the clutch pedal very gently, counting down for 7 seconds. Once you've fully released the clutch, start picking up speed by pressing down on the accelerator pedal. It might be somewhat of a friction point for new drivers such as you, but don't worry even if you take more time learning this than you expected. You're much better off going as gradually as you're content with until you're more confident in speeding up the manual transmission car.

The Village at Briarcliff, 4151 N Mulberry Dr, Kansas City, MO 64116


The Village at Briarcliff is located 0.2 mi from Charles A. Garney Park & Trails via N Mulberry Dr.

Learning Parking at The Village at Briarcliff

Parking is already tricky to learn as it is, but two of the most complex styles of parking you need to understand is back-in parking and parallel parking. To start with, we have back-in parking - or backing up a manual car in to a parking spot. You do this by, first, pulling up ahead of the spot by about a full car's length, then turning on your blinker and checking to be sure that the coast is clear behind you. When the road is free of cars and pedestrians, step on the clutch pedal and move the manual shift to reverse gear. Make sure you have the clutch pressed down to the floor while you haven't begun your back-up yet. Begin the back-in process with your feet pushing down on both the clutch and brake pedals completely. Slowly release the clutch pedal until you reach the friction point - you'll hear the noise of the engine change and sense the rear of your vehicle slightly lift up. Lift your right foot from the brake pedal, then operate the brake and clutch with your feet to back up in to the parking space. As you're driving in reverse, never go above a couple of MPH. Then, if you're not satisfied with how the vehicle is parked on your first try, go ahead and back in and out of the spot until you like how the car is stationed. It's time to run through the steps of having a manual transmission car parallel parked. First of all, have other drivers (and pedestrians) see your intention by turning on your right blinker. Then, carefully release your clutch pedal up until the clutch engages. You'll know you reached the friction point of the clutch when you sense the rear of the vehicle slightly raise up and pick up a shift in the noises from the engine. After that, lift up your foot on the brake to get the manual car rolling. Be sure you keep a nice and steady pace backing up the car by very carefully operating the brake and clutch pedals. Routinely check your mirrors, and when your rear bumper comes to around two or three feet from the rear bumper of the vehicle next to yours, steer your wheels to the left. Then, keep going up until your right back bumper comes up a gew feet from the edge of the curb, and turn the steering wheel to the right. Step on the brakes and clutch pedal increasingly until you come to a full stop.

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Having manual transmission driving lessons needs your undivided attention. If you're only accustomed to driving an automatic transmission car, it might be a friction point when switching gears to this sort of driver training. Our stick shift lessons are excellent options for any learner driver, as our driving instructors dedicate the time to teaching you everything you need to understand about the manual transmission. If you are interested in learning how to drive a stick shift near you, get in touch with Stick Shift Driving Academy today for more details on lessons in Gladstone, Missouri.

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