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If you've only been used to driving with automatic cars, it can get very difficult to shift to a manual transmission vehicle. However, it will be worth the effort and cost of manual auto driving lessons when you learn how to drive a stick shift car. Of course, aside from that rewarding feeling, there are many other good reasons why standard transmission driving classes should be more popular. The point is, it's a helpful and sensible skill to know how to use a manual automobile in the current day and age. And when you're considering getting a couple of stick shift lessons in the area, here is a list of parking lots you can practice driving stick shift cars in Jackson, Mississippi.


Where Can I Learn To Drive Stick Shift Near Me

Malco Grandview Cinema & IMAX, 221 Grandview Blvd, Madison, MS 39110


Malco Grandview Cinema & IMAX is located 1.7 mi from Liberty Park via Madison Ave.

How To Teach Someone To Drive A Stick Shift at Malco Grandview Cinema & IMAX

And now that you've oriented yourself with the gear shift, pedals, steering wheel and their placement inside a manual vehicle; it's time to learn going into 1st gear and drive at slow speeds. For beginner drivers of manual vehicles, this can be especially complex, particularly when you've only ever driven an automatic transmission. To be frank, you're probably going to get a couple sputters and false starts while you're still learning how to shift into 1st gear on a stick shift car. If this occurs to you, don't panic. You and your vehicle's engine will be more than okay. You might just be a little put off with how shaky it gets, but manual vehicles are created to survive a bit of wear and tear. Honestly, you're probably underestimating how sturdy they really are. Now, when you're having stick shift driving lessons, this is how any driving school or instructor will usually teach you to get a manual transmission car into first gear. Slide the shifter knob to the N position with your right hand, press down on the brake pedal with your right foot and keep your left foot on the floor; once in position, turn the engine on. If you haven't already disengaged, be sure to pull up the emergency brake. Then, take your left foot and push down on the clutch until you hit the floor. Then, very carefully press down on the accelerator pedal with your right foot until the RPMs get to 1500. When you're there, take care to keep your foot steady on the accelerator. Then, count back from 7 seconds as you ease your left foot off of the clutch. Do this very carefully and keep it as consistent as possible. When done correctly, you'll hit the clutch bite point and it will get the manual transmission vehicle rolling. After releasing the clutch, press down on the gas to pick up speed with your stick shift car. Keep going until you hit 2500 to a max 3000 RPMs with the engine, then you can start slowing down. To successfully decelerate, practice your clutch work again, starting with pushing the clutch pedal fully. Then, move your right foot to the brake pedal from the gas. The important thing to note here, the clutch ALWAYS comes before the brake. When you've pressed the brake pedal down to the floor, the stick shift vehicle should come to a stop. When stopped, slide the driving stick into the N position and engage the hand brake. When safely parked, pull up your feet from the clutch and brake pedals.

Lakewood Funeral Home & Memorial Park, 6011 Clinton Blvd, Jackson, MS 39209


Lakewood Funeral Home & Memorial Park is located 0.6 mi from John Hopkins Elementary School via John Hopkins Rd and Clinton Blvd.

Learning Upshifting at Lakewood Funeral Home & Memorial Park

Considering that you've now mastered driving a manual transmission vehicle in first gear, you should learn and practice upshifting and downshifting next. Now, because it's just a matter of adding some new steps with your hands on the gear shifter, this will be way more simple than getting a manual transmission car in 1st gear. You already know how to do clutch work with your feet. Bring in a few more movements, and you'll be on track to master shifting up and down to higher and lower gears. Survey the parking lot and find an area with the lengthiest amount of space. For your own safety and convenience, you should have at least 500-1000 feet of pavement in front of you. Apply what you've learned earlier and start driving your manual transmission car in first gear, stepping on the gas until you reach 2500 RPMs. The moment you get there, put your left foot on the clutch pedal and start pressing down while slowly taking your right foot from the gas , slowing down and keeping 1500 RPMs of speed. You can even coast a bit in neutral position so you can go through the steps one by one, if you like. And then when you're at a nice and steady RPM of 1500, move the driving stick from first gear to the next higher gear with your right hand. When you've shifted into second gear, slowly raise your left foot from the clutch pedal. Then, when the clutch is fully released, start pressing on the accelerator and keep going until you reach 2500 RPMs. Now, you'll probably notice strange sounds coming from the stick shift vehicle's engine on your first few tries. You might even hear it get louder, and that's absolutely normal, so don't panic.

Burlington, 1395 Metrocenter Mall, Jackson, MS 39209


Burlington is located 2.2 mi from Merit Health Central via Robinson Rd and John R. Lynch St

Learning Downshifting at Burlington

Now, take everything you've been taught in how to upshift, and we're going to apply them in downshifting, but in reverse. Glance around the parking lot for a nice, lengthy span of road to drive in; you want enough space to downshift carefully, like with learning new techniques on a stick shift car. You may have your automobile rolling in second gear and want to shift into lower gears until you get to a complete stop, for example. There's a couple of methods you can do this: you could coast with the manual gearbox in "N" position until you stop entirely; better yet, downshift one gear at a time, from 2nd gear to 1st then 1st gear to a stop. You don't want to shift up or down more than one or two gear, so we recommend practicing to downshift by getting the manual transmission car from 2nd to a lower gear. Turn the vehicle engine on and drive around until you get the car rolling in 2nd gear, then press the clutch pedal while easing up on the gas with your right foot, until you hit 1500 RPMs. When you get to that nice and steady pace, get the gear shifter into 1st gear. Next, carefully take off your left foot from the clutch, then push down on the brake with your right. You might notice the engine revving a little beyond 1500 RPMs, and that's alright. It may even create some strange noises from the engine, but that's normal, and it's just because the drivetrain and engine are not in sync yet. When you've fully stepped on the brake and you're back to driving at a stable 1500 RPMs, repeat the clutch work process. Press on the clutch again with your left foot then carefully step on the brake pedal until the car stops fully. When you're completely stopped, move the gear lever to neutral and engage your parking brake.

Corner Market, 1200 E County Line Rd, Ridgeland, MS 39157


Corner Market is located 0.7 mi from Town Line via Ring Rd.

Learning Reversing at Corner Market

You've gone through the basics of learning how to drive a manual transmission, including turning the ignition on in the stick shift vehicle and learning to use the pedals correctly. And now that you've gotten more confident with using the gear shift and cruising at different speeds, both low and higher, we're moving on to reversing. Start this process by turning the engine on, then driving the stick shift car to the far end of the longest stretch of pavement found in the lot. When you get there, slide the stick from 1st gear to reverse gear and gradually back up your car all the way to your starting point. To start off, move the shifter to the neutral position, then press down on the clutch pedal with your left foot and on the brake with your right foot. Then, get the gear stick from "N" to "R", and get your foot off of the brake and onto the accelerator pedal. With your right foot on the gas, carefully raise your left foot from the clutch, doing it slowly and consistently over a 7-sec period. Then, start gaining speed by stepping on the gas with your right foot. It might be a friction point especially for beginner drivers, and it may take some more time than you thought, but don't panic. It's better for your own safety to just drive as gradually as you want and pick up speed once you're more confident.

Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, 2531 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216


Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium is located 0.5 mi from University of Mississippi Medical Center via E Stadium Dr and S Stadium Cir.

Learning Parking at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium

Car parking is already difficult to learn, and the two trickiest types of parking you can and need to learn is 1) driving back up to a parking slot and 2) parking in parallel. That first one describes what's commonly called back-in parking. Begin this process by pulling up right next to the car in front of the parking spot, turn on your blinker, then check your mirrors to ensure the coast is clear. After, press the clutch and move the gear shifter into "R". Until you begin backing your car into the parking space, make certain that the clutch pedal stays all the way to the floor. You should start with the clutch and brake pedals pushed down to the floor of the car. Then, when you're ready, carefully let up on the clutch until you feel the rear of the vehicle lift up and you hear the engine make a different sound, which means you've hit the clutch bite point. When you're there, get your right foot off from the brake pedal and control the movement of the manual car with the brake and clutch. Take good care not to go above a handful MPH while backing into the spot. You might not be contented with the manual car's position, and you probably won't get it right either the first time anyway. That's ok, just do some slight adjustments until the car's settled nicely in the middle of the parking spot. Next off, let's talk through parallel parking in a stick shift vehicle, step by step. First off, turn on your blinker to signal a right turn. Drive the car forward until you're two to three feet ahead of the space you want to park in, and side by side to the car in front of it. Be sure that you won't run into any people or cars on the road behind you, double-checking your surroundings with your mirrors and backup camera. Press the clutch and brake pedals all the way to the floor, and straighten up the steering wheel to get your tires aligned. When you have an all-clear to start backing up the manual car, ease off on the clutch pedal to release it. Like we said earlier, you know you've hit the bite point when the rear of your car raises a bit and you hear a change in the engine sounds. Once there, carefully get your right foot from the brake to get the wheels rolling. Keep a sure and steady pace by carefully controlling your clutch and brake pedals with your feet. Keep checking your side and rearview mirrors as you back up, and steer your wheels to the left once your back bumper is a couple of feet from the other vehicle's back bumper. Then, as soon as the rear bumper on your right closes in on the curb, spin your steering wheel all the way to the left. Do some careful clutch work with the brake and clutch to carefully bring the vehicle to a total stop.

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Parking lots are an ideal location to learn how to drive a manual transmission car, because they are level and private surfaces. You may also learn how to drive around other drivers and traffic, in an easier and safer setting. The best way to learn how to drive a manual transmission car is through one-on-one lessons with a professional. You can learn at your own pace and schedule, which makes this option perfect for busy individuals. When you are ready to begin perfecting the skills of manual vehicle driving, schedule driving lessons with qualified driving instructors that can help the clutch feel much less scary. Driving a stick shift car is an intimidating skill, and not many people take that leap. At Stick Shift Academy, we have certified driving instructors all over the country that are experts at helping you to overcome that fear, and become a master of the stick shift vehicle. To learn how to drive stick near you, connect with Stick Shift Academy to organize your first ever manual vehicle driving lessons in Jackson, Mississippi.

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