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Our driving school has plenty of opportunities for you in your local area if you've always wanted to have a manual driving lesson. Regardless of if your existing car is a 4-speed, 5-speed, or 6-speed manual vehicle, manual transmission driving is a fantastic skill to pick up. Parking lots are excellent options for manual lessons just because they provide you all the area you require to practice with the gear shift and shifter. Here's a selection of parking lots to help you up your driving skills as a new driver and learn how to drive a stick shift vehicle in Manchester, Kentucky.


How to Learn Manual Driving Near Me

Whitley County High School, 350 Boulevard of Champions, Williamsburg, KY 40769


Whitley County High School is located 0.6 mi from Whitley Middle School via Boulevard of Champions.

How To Properly Drive A Stick Shift at Whitley County High School

When you're in tune with the placement of the gear lever, pedals, and steering wheel, it's time to learn to drive a manual vehicle in 1st gear. Now, it's very likely going to be rather difficult for new drivers of stick shift cars, particularly if they've just driven automatic transmission cars before. In reality, you're most probably going to have the car stall a couple times while you're still figuring out to drive and shift in 1st gear. Don't worry if it happens once, or maybe even several times until you get the hang of it. You and your vehicle engine will be more than fine. You may feel like you're getting jerked around, but that's fine - stick shift vehicles can take it. They're way more heavy-duty and robust than you might expect. Now, when having manual driving lessons, this is how a driving instructor or driving course teacher will instruct you how to get a stick shift car into first gear. Before turning the ignition on, be sure you have the gear lever in neutral position and your feet in the correct place - right foot on the brake pedal and left foot flat on the floor. Then, start your car and press down on the clutch all the way to the floor with your left foot. Make certain that the emergency brake is released. With the parking brake set down, you can begin stepping on the gas slowly, until you reach an RPM of 1500. When you get to 1500 RPMs, hold steady on the accelerator pedal with your right foot. Then, diligently and over a seven-second time frame, raise your left foot off from the clutch. See to it you do this as steadily and as slow as you can handle. You'll know you've succeeded in making it happen the proper way when the clutch is engaged and you get the wheels on your manual car going. When your left foot is totally off from the clutch, start stepping on the accelerator so you gain speed in the vehicle. Then, when the engine is at around 2500-300 RPMs, you can begin slowing down the manual transmission car. To slow down, press on the clutch pedal with your left foot until it's on the floor. After that, take your foot off of the gas pedal and begin pressing down on the brakes. Important note: you should ALWAYS push down on the clutch pedal first with your left foot before pushing down the brake pedal with your right foot. When the brake is all the way flat on the floor, you will have gotten the manual vehicle at a stop. Once stopped, move the gear shifter with your right foot to put it in to neutral position, then crank up the emergency brake. When you're securely parked, you can now raise your feet off of the clutch and brake pedals.

Ross (Trademart Shopping Center), 1000 Cumberland Gap Pkwy, Corbin, KY 40701


Ross (Trademart Shopping Center) is located 0.7 mi from Corbin Station via Cumberland Gap Pkwy.

Learning Upshifting at Ross (Trademart Shopping Center)

Now that we've talked about the first gear portion of your stick shift lesson, the following obvious step is to learn how to switch gears up and down among higher gears. Don't stress, upshifting is far easier to learn, given that you'll simply be taking what you figured out on taking a car to first gear and adding in a couple of steps to shift up to an additional gear level. Now, like always, find the most widespread area in the parking lot you can find. You need to have at minimum 500-1000 feet for your practice area. Then, as soon as you have the manual vehicle going while you're in 1st gear, you will soon be at about 2500 RPMs. When you reach that speed, press on the clutch while also bringing your right foot of the gas pedal to go back down to 1500 on the RPMs. In fact, you might even want to cruise with the car in neutral position on the manual gearbox so you can go through the motions in an unhurried manner. Then when you're at a nice and steady 1500 RPMs, position your hand on the gear stick and get the shifter from 1st to 2nd gear. After that, diligently move your left foot off the clutch. Then, once the clutch engages, begin pressing on the accelerator pedal with your right foot till you get to an RPM of 2500-3000 RPMs. Do not forget that it's your first time shifting a manual transmission car into first gear, and you will possibly hear some weird sounds coming from the engine. It's even going to get louder sometimes, and that's totally alright.

IGA, 193 Parkway Plaza, Barbourville, KY 40906


IGA is located 1.3 mi from Barbourville ARH Hospital via KY-225

Learning Downshifting at IGA

And after getting the knack of how to upshift, we're going to take everything we studied and reverse all of that to understand downshifting. Like with every brand new component in manual transmission driving lessons, you need to have an extensive stretch of paved area to have your lesson in so you have the space and, subsequently, the opportunity to go through every step diligently. For example, you'll find yourself in heaps of scenarios where you're in second gear and want to shift down one or two gears until you get the manual car to a full stop. There are two ways to do this: you may want to downshift one gear at a time, from 2nd to first, from 1st to a stop; or you can just shift the gear lever in neutral and cruise until you come to a total stop. Simply for the purpose of learning how to do the basics of driving manual transmission vehicles, we'll walk you through how to downshift from second gear to a complete stop. Shortly after you have the car rolling in 2nd gear, push down the clutch with your left foot while also easing off of the gas pedal with your right foot until you're at 1500 RPMs. When you reach a nice and steady 1500 RPMs, move the manual shift down to first gear. Bring your left foot from the clutch pedal and start pressing down on the brakes once you've changed gears. Now, you may see the engine going a little over 1500 RPMs. You might even notice some odd noises from the engine, but don't panic; that's merely the engine and drivetrain not getting in sync yet. Then, when you've pressed on the brake pedal with your right foot and your RPMs are at 1500, you can repeat the clutch work series. Push down the clutch pedal with your left foot to release the clutch, then little by little press down on the brake with your right foot to take the stick shift car to a stop. When you're at a full stop, shift the gear lever to neutral , then you can pull up the emergency brake.

The Corbin Arena, 500 Arena Dr, Corbin, KY 40701


The Corbin Arena is located 0.6 mi from Tri-County Cineplex via Arena Dr.

Learning Reversing at The Corbin Arena

You've gotten to know the basics in your manual driving lessons, that includes turning the engine on and using the gas, brake, and clutch pedals in a stick shift vehicle. And as you're more comfortable with navigating the manual shift and driving at different lower and higher speeds, we're moving on to walk you through reversing a manual transmission car. We'll start by switching the vehicle engine on, identifying the most wide-ranging paved area you can find the parking lot, and driving the car to one end of that strip. The moment you've gotten there, slide the gear shifter from 1st gear to reverse gear and cautiously drive your car back until you come to where you first began. To do this procedure, have the manual shift in neutral, press on the brakes and clutch pedal. Then when you've gotten the gear shifter from "1" to "R", move your right foot from the brake and to the gas pedal. While executing that, carefully move your foot off of the clutch over a 7-sec period to let the clutch catch properly. Once you've conducted that, take your right foot to the accelerator and begin pressing on the gas to gain more speed. Now this may become a bit of a friction point for new drivers like you, especially if you've just driven automatic transmission vehicles beforehand. You may even take up more time than you think, but that's alright - feel free to go as low a speed as you're comfortable with until you're okay with gaining more speed.

Flea Land Flea Market, 111 Lagoon Trail, London, KY 40744


Flea Land Flea Market is located 1.2 mi from London Laurel County Wellness Park via College Park Dr.

Learning Parking at Flea Land Flea Market

Vehicle parking is presently pretty hard to pick up as it stands, but it's all the more daunting to get the hang of parallel parking and driving backwards into a parking space of your choosing. Back-in parking is what we call the latter. This is how you normally do back-in parking: first, you drive your manual vehicle ahead until you're about a whole car's size ahead of the parking spot, indicate your plan with your blinker and make sure the area is empty behind you. Soon after making certain that the road is free to back your car into, step on the clutch then slide the manual shift to reverse gear. Make sure to step on the clutch pedal completely to the floor while you haven't begun your back-in yet. In reality, for safety's sake, get the brake and clutch pedals to the floor to begin. Then, gently move your left foot off from the clutch till the clutch catches - typically when the sound from the engine shifts and you sense the back of the car rises up a bit. Now, when you're ready, lift your right foot off the brake and operate the clutch and brake pedals to begin backing into the parking space. Because you're moving in reverse gear, beware not to go above a couple MPH. Then, if you're not keen on how the car is stationed after your initial try, feel free to do all the little changes you have to do till you're satisfied with how the manual car is positioned. Now, let's advance to how to parallel park while driving a stick shift vehicle. First off, don't forget to activate your turn signal to indicate a right turn. Then, steer the car ahead until you're two or three feet beyond the parking space and parallel to the vehicle ahead of it. Then see to it to look into traffic behind and surrounding you by examining your surroundings, and checking your mirrors and back-up camera. Now, start off by pressing on the brake and clutch until they reach the floor. Then, make certain your wheels are aligned by straightening up the wheel. After that, gradually raise your left foot from the clutch until you reach the friction point. When the clutch engages (bite point), you'll feel the rear of the vehicle lift up a little and you'll hear a shift in the sounds come from the engine. You then gently bring your right foot off of the brakes to get your car's wheels rolling. When you begin to move, sustain careful control on the clutch and brake pedals so the car advances at a slow and sure rate. Check your mirrors, and when your back bumper is around two to three feet behind the bumper of the car beside you, rotate your steering wheel to the left. After that, once your back bumper on the right comes up about a few feet from the sidewalk, spin the steering wheel to the right. Continue a gradual pace with the manual car with your feet diligently pressed on the brake and clutch until you have the stick shift vehicle at a stop.

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As you can see, doing manual transmission lessons consumes some practice, dedication, and time to actually get great at all areas of stick shift driving. Don't be intimidated by the endeavor at hand, as there is a considerable learning curve that can occur when getting acquainted with a manual transmission vehicle. So venture out and try those driving lessons today, whatever your present experience or skill, our driving instructors are here to help you. Call Stick Shift Driving academy today to find out more if you have an interest in learning how to drive a stick shift vehicle near you in Manchester, Kentucky.

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