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Many people are hard to buy gifts for. Car lovers however are easy. They don’t even have to own a car to appreciate receiving gifts with an automotive theme. There are all kinds of car merchandise they’ll be delighted to unwrap, from apparel and books to décor and accessories. There are even gifts intended specifically for those who love driving stick shift cars.

Here we’ll throw out some ideas for what to buy the car lover in your life, and just as important, where to buy it. First though, how about some advice on deciding what might suit the person you’re buying that car gift for?

Deciding What Type of Car Related Gift to Buy

First off, does the person you’re buying for own a car? If so, you could buy something they’ll use on or in it. Car accessories take many different forms, (but be sure you know exactly what they want.) Then there are many options for tools and car care equipment. As that special day approaches be alert for hints they might drop about the perfect gift.

Alternatively, go with something related to the particular vehicle they drive, (or have stored away!) If they own a classic car consider something to do with that particular make and model. If you can match the year and color, so much the better!

If they don’t actually own a car but love everything to do with cars there are still plenty of options. (These apply to car owners too of course!) How about something with a car theme for a bedroom or clothing that shows off their automotive passion? Or you could arrange some kind of automotive experience. Museums are good but driving experiences are so much better!

Gifts They Can Use With Their Car

Let’s start with car care kits. Yes, this might seem a clichéd idea but seriously, every car enthusiast loves to receive tools and products that will help them take care of their ride, especially if they’re high-end.

Renowned car guy Jay Leno has lent his name to an extensive range of detailing products that come in convenient gift sets. Jay’s Wash & Shine Kits includes a large bucket and grit guard plus wash, detailing, and tire and trim products. Just $60. If that’s too much or you want to spend more, LenosGarage.com has plenty of other kits to look at.

Also important for taking good care of a car are chamois and microfiber detailing towels. These are going to be rubbed over that precious paintwork so it’s essential to buy only high-quality products. Calcarcover.com sells both the traditional leather chamois and modern microfiber car detailing towels. (From $15 to $40.)

Closely related, but a little more expensive, why not treat your favorite car enthusiast to a custom cover for their favorite car? Calcarcover.com has an extensive range of covers for just about every make and model of vehicle you can imagine. ($90 to $500.)

Also providing vehicle protection, there’s WeatherTech. They’re best known for floor mats but have a wide range of other vehicle accessories. The WeatherTech CupFone is a great idea for anyone who loves their phone and spends a lot of time in the car. ($35 to $82.)

Gifts For People Who Drive Stick Shift Cars

These people are a special breed. Not only are they passionate about cars, but they also love driving, and they probably spend time grousing about the demise of the manual transmission. If you know anyone like that perhaps you’ll find the perfect gift here:

Car-Themed Décor

​This section covers gifts for the car enthusiast who may or may not actually own a vehicle. The goodies we’ll cover here are intended for adding a little flair to garages, basements, barns, man-caves, and bedrooms.

Signs are a popular gift, and you can spend as much or as little as you want. At one end of the spectrum, you could get a beautiful illuminated 36” diameter 1st generation Corvette logo sign, ($750 from Top Flight Automotive.) (They do an illuminated Mustang sign too.) Or if that’s a little rich, the Mount Victory Oil Company has reproduction dealership signs from $9 and up.

Another option is a car-themed clock. Mount Victory, has a series that features various General Motors brands, from Buick to Pontiac. ($66 - $160.)

And last, while on the subject of décor, what about a model engine to display on a desk or bookcase? CalCarCovers is one of the websites that offer these. ($36 to $200.)

Books About Cars

​On the subject of bookcases, what car lover doesn’t appreciate a book about cars? There’s almost no limit to the topics, from picture books about famous marques to road trip guides and even brochures for classic cars. Maybe you can’t stretch to an actual 1957 Corvette but how about the owner’s manual from that year? ($14 and they have manuals for other years and models, plus sales brochures).

If you want to browse books but aren’t sure what to pick there is a better option than that well-known website. Mount Victory Oil Company offers a wide range of titles, laid out in a way that makes it easy to choose. Dream, CarsBarn Finds, or Route 66 photo books, their range is extensive, with prices to suit every pocket.

Give Them a Driving Experience Gift

This is the kind of gift idea you might save for a special birthday or another occasion: the chance to drive an exotic, high-performance car on a racetrack. Golden Moments has numerous locations around the country, with prices starting at around $120. Or, another idea for the car nut in your life: why not prepare them for that manual transmission vehicle they’ve always wanted by paying for stick shift driving lessons from Stick Shift Academy?

Have Fun Shopping for Car Gifts!

​Car enthusiasts are easy to buy gifts for. In fact, the problem is that you’re spoiled with choice. The suggestions we’ve provided here should help you find the perfect gift for the car lover in your life. Click, buy, and don’t forget the gift wrap!

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